Mammoplasty Before and After ImageYoung adults or middle aged people opt for it entirely for cosmetic reasons.

Performed under general anaesthesia, but can be done under local anaesthesia also.

The aim of surgery is to make the breast look bigger in size by mammary prosthesis (artificial material made of silicone) Alternatively natural and own body tissues are used. In the later the tissues have to be obtained form other sites like chest wall, back or abdomen.

Scars are either in the darker area of areola or below the breast fold and almost invisible.

Hospitalization generally is for a day. Mammoplasty does not interfere with milk secretion as the material is placed under the breast tissue.

Pain is minimal after surgery. Heaviness is expected till the patient gets used to the same. Occasionally fluid discharge may be noticed and one should not get alarmed about it. The silicone might become slightly hard over a period of years in some but usually mimics the feel of normal breast. Among the silicone prosthesis there are two varieties -one gel filled and the other saline filled- the later being slightly superior!

Fever or discharge or gaping of the wound, if any, should be immediately brought to the notice of the surgeon. Antibiotics or an occasional suture to the gape may be rarely required. Complete extrusion or removal is rare in a case of gross infection.

There is mention of increase incidence of carcinoma in the media and it is usually an apprehension rather than of any statistical significance.

Reduction Mammoplasty

Reduction Mammoplasty Before and After ImageGenerally the patients are young adults or middle aged. This is due to abnormal growth of breast tissue. This causes not only physical embarrassment and discomfort, but can also cause difficulty in breathing due to heaviness. Cosmetic unacceptability is the usual presentation. This can either be on one side or both. Surgery is done under general anaesthesia. Excess breast tissue is removed leaving only the desired amount. Scars are in the lower part of breast in the breast folds and become almost invisible over a period of time. Hospitalisation is for two to three days. There will be a suction drain for a day. There may be occasional fluid collection which needs aspiration with a syringe or it might get absorbed on its own. Pain is minimal to moderate after surgery. Small sized bras are to be kept ready to wear immediately after surgery. Sensations might appear to be diminished for a few weeks.

Breast feeding is possible even after surgery.


Mastopexy Before and After ImageMost patients are middle aged group. Sagging of breast due to loss of elasticity is the usual cause. This is done under general anaesthesia. Hospitalisation is usually for two days. Scars will be in the lower part of breast and the surgical principle is to fix the breast tissue, nipple and areola at a higher level for the breast to appear pointing forwards and upwards.

May be performed more than once after a few years if the individual so desires


Gynacomastia Before and After ImageLarge looking breasts among males that cause embarrassment are removed by tiny incisions. Moderate gynacomastia can also be treated by liposuction.

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